I’m a husband and a father, trying to live Christ-like and love Jesus on my best and worst days.

I’m also a musician, currently serving at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City on the NIGHTWATCH.

I’ve played music in church all my memorable life. I started by mimicking my dad (church drummer!) by banging on the chair in front of me, eventually getting a shot to play on the worship team. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since.


STATS: I play live on a global stage a minimum of 10 hours per week. Conservatively, that’s:

  • 2,400 backbeats a day (5 days a week)
  • over 12,000 backbeats a week
  • 50,000 backbeats a month
  • 600,000 backbeats a year for 8 years
  • around 5 million backbeats at the International House of Prayer–and counting!

That means a lot of broken drum sticks and drum heads.


Along with serving in the prayer room at IHOPKC, I teach prophetic drumming for the Forerunner Music Academy at IHOPU, I’m the production manager, producer/engineer for Forerunner Music‘s bi-monthly “Best of the Prayer Room Live” cd releases, formerly known as “Limited Edition,” and I’m a freelance studio engineer/producer/musician. I’m the “drum janitor” at IHOPKC and I help train IHOPKC’s live sound engineers.


To see prophetic musicians and singing prophets, untainted by secular music, come forth and produce music that is counter to the prevailing morality of today. Music that is heavenly in its origin and lyrics that demand Christ-centered hope. I want to help singers and musicians record this music and make it available so the name of Jesus is proclaimed across the earth until His coming.



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