Jordan Marcotte

Jordan’s VISION: 
I’m a brother; naturally and spiritually. I’m determined to be a safe and trustworthy example that leads many young people to the leadership of Jesus. I carry along with me the John 10 message of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. There’s much to be said about that but what I long to see is many that have been lied to, stolen from and led to death return to Jesus. My prayer is that they would find ‘The Door’ that will lead them into everlasting life. So many in my generation have given themselves to the leadership and direction of this world’s culture and in my opinion, the greatest influence is music. This is what drives me in my calling to reach out and create music that gives people a direct connect with the heart of God.

The enemy tried for the longest to keep me from the song that God has ordained and anointed me with but his attempt wasn’t successful. This is my warfare and until either I go Home or Jesus comes back, I’ll NEVER stop singing. The anthem for all my days will be that He is my Good Shepherd.


Jordan is a gifted songwriter and anointed singer/musician/worship leader.

He keeps writing songs, so we keep recording them…always trying to make the next recording better than the last.

Get to know him and check out some of his music @



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